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USAGE: glimpse and glance Re: USAGE: hate = jealous (was: Re: YAPT: Dutch ij and ui)

From:David Barrow <davidab@...>
Date:Sunday, July 25, 2004, 19:17
Carsten Becker wrote:

>Hey! > >First, thank you for your pronounciation-related explanations! >And, with "glimpse" I meant "a quick look", just to clarify. I thought >this is what "glimpse" means? The decision which preposition you use >with which word can be pretty nasty as a learner of English. It's just >like in German, in that which case to use with transitive verbs ;) > >
> > >-- Carsten > >
'glimpse' means something is in your field of vision for an instant. . It does not refer to how long you you direct your sight in a particular direction. For example: You are staring at some buildings, a bird passes very fast before your eyes. You catch a glimpse of it Though glimpse can be a verb, we generally use it as a noun: catch/get a glimpse of 'glance' means 1) directing your sight for an instant towards something. For example: you are reading, you glance at the clock on the wall, you go back to reading. It can be followed by several prepositions: at, towards, up, a/round, etc. 2) to read something very quickly: She glanced over the guest list to see if she had missed anyone. It can take at, over, through, etc. glance can be a noun: give, take, shoot, throw a glance. Expressions: 'exchange glances' = look at each other quickly. If you know something 'at a glance' you know it as soon as you see it. 'at first glance' when you first look at something: At first glance the streets seemed empty. David Barrow