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A different kind of relay

From:Gary Shannon <fiziwig@...>
Date:Sunday, July 25, 2004, 18:19
Here's kind of a variation on my theme of creating a
conlang by deliberate non-planning.

A given piece of text is chosen, like a fairy tale or
well-known short story.  The first person in the group
translates the first sentence or two by writing a
"translation" off the top of his/her head, making up
words that seem appropriate.  Participants are
encourgaed NOT to use one of their existing conlangs
for this exercise, but the create something out of
thin air.  No explanation of the translation is given,
just the sentence itself.

Example: Once upon a time there was a beautiful
princess. == Qinta shamisa eswazi.

The text is then passed, without comment or
explanation, to the second person in the group who,
refering back to the first sentence as appropriate,
creates the "translation" of the second sentence,
again creating whatever words and structures seem
appropriate and consistent with the first sentence.

Each subsequent member of the group adds another
sentence to the translation, always attempting to make
each new sentence somewhat consistent with the
previously translated sentences.  During the
translation no discussion is permitted regarding the
features of the language.  Only after the translation
is complete can the emergent features be discussed.

When the translation is complete a new conlang has
been created that didn't exist before, and it was
created without any planning or discussion of what
it's features should be.  It just "happens" into
existence spontaneoulsy.



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