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Re: Lisanek

From:wayne chevrier <wachevrier@...>
Date:Wednesday, July 26, 2006, 17:00
I haven't posted much in a while, but I recently figured out more about my
first(but not only) language, Lisanek.

Nouns: article suffix, with case, number, gender, and definiteness.
Declensions: depending on final sound of noun.
abstractly: <e>=fem. sig. <i>=fp <o>=ms <u>=mp
               <k>=definite   <n>=indefinite    <s>=indeterminate
C-VC  namh-ek: the (female) shaman
V-CV  zte-no:   a bull
if the consonant/vowel is the same, they merge
nrus-e: (some) shark
dmi-k: the shrews
C-aCV, V-hVC namhake, ztehon
if the consonant/vowel is the same, they don't merge
nruses, dmiki

Possession: construct state, no article on possessum(only for nominal

As IPA except <e>=/E/, <o>=/O/, <s>=/S/, <z>=/s/
clusters: F=fhsz L=lr T=kpt D=bdg G=wy N=mn
Initial:FT,FL,FT.FG,FN,LG,TF,TL,TG,TN,DL,DG,DN,NL,ND(homorganic only),NG
no diphthongs

V2 word order(and yes I know that violates a universal with ergatives)
zero copula
ga i hketon: I am a man.
ga: 1sg.ABS
i:predicate marker(nonverb, can optionally cooccur with a verb for emphasis)
hket:human -on:masc.sing.indef.abs
ztesu i mi a
I have some bulls(Some bulls are to me)
preposition noun.ABS, pronoun.ERG preposition

No adjectives: relative clause and stative verbs instead
ki: subordinate predicate marker(used like i is)

--Wayne Chevrier