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From:wayne chevrier <wachevrier@...>
Date:Friday, October 19, 2001, 17:04
Lisanek is the first language I have made that is more than a sketch, and I
think it is time for it to make its first public appearance.
At the moment it is mostly grammar and not vocabulary, so I will mostly use
English words.
Cases: 2 ergative and absolutive;only for pronouns(nouns have no cases)
1)subject of transitive verb
2)object of following preposition
3)before non-construct nouns: demonstrative
4)before construct nouns: possessive
1)object of transitive verb
2)subject of intransitive verb
3)in nominal sentences
4)any other situation
Construct:-ha after V, -a after C
Used to indicate possession
Sam honok-a: Sam's book
Non-construct: otherwise
e: feminine singular
i: f. plural
o: masculine sg.
u: m. pl.
k: definite
n: indefinite
s: indeterminate/generic
after C:-vc
after V:-cv
if the c in the article=C at the end of the root, they merge: Cv
similarily if v=V :Vc
Feminine: female humans and animals, default for non-human animate,
abstract, personifications, concepts, spiritual entities, etc.
Masculine: male humans and animals, default for humans, inanimate objects,
None, either nouns in apposition or verb in conjunct form(used for relative
Nominal sentences:
No verb, just a predicate marker
e.g. She is a doctor.: 3f.ABS PRED doctor.a
There are butterflies.: PRED butterflies
PRED: a Zen sentence:)
The man who left the room is a lawyer:
man.the leave.CONJUNCT room.the PRED lawyer.a

This is just a start, and I would appreciate comments.
-Wayne Chevrier

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