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OT: slightly OT: language ID's?

From:Yoon Ha Lee <yl112@...>
Date:Thursday, May 3, 2001, 2:14
I picked up a couple tapes in a series called Global Celebrations,
because I thought it'd be neat to get samples of music from around the
world and they were going for $3 (U.S.) each...but I can't *identify* the
languages or world-regions/nations/cultures from whence the songs came.
Help, anyone?  Even general indications of location would be neat.

"Dances of Kwenyii," Wapa tribe (music-group name?  "Actual" tribe?  who
knows?), from Chants Kanaks: Cérémonies et Berceuses

Ceremonies Against the Night of the Devil, Bachir Attar

Celiesti, braliti (the a and i have macrons? over them in the 2nd word),
Skandinieki, Folkloras Draugu Kopa

Yeye, Mongo Santamaria, written by Francisco Aquabella, from Yambu

Shani, Zuhurah Swaleh with Maulidi Musical Party, from Jino La Pembe

Hähkämine (a-umlauts?), Leiko, from Setu Songs, recorded in Värska

Awungilobolele, Udokotela Shange Namajaha, from the Indestructible Beat
of Soweto

Vidonge, Virunga, from Feet on Fire

Omwana Wa Mberi Nesiekhoira, Abana Ba Nasery, from !Nursery Boys Go Ahead!

Seelinnikoi, Värttinä (more a-umlauts), from Seleniko

Famadihana, Tarika Sammy from Fanafody

Arape, Temaeva, from Chants & Rythmes du Pacifique Sud (mais *ou`* dans
le Pacifique Sud?)

Seif El Battar, Nass El Ghiwane

YHL, enjoying everything except the
horribly-dissonant-to-Western-trained-Yoon-ears Hähkämine


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