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Trans: Shoeflower Nose Man (Vyh) - REVISION!

From:SuomenkieliMaa <suomenkieli@...>
Date:Saturday, October 27, 2001, 10:18
REVISIONs marked by "REVISION" below..

--- SuomenkieliMaa <suomenkieli@...> wrote:
> --- <christophe.grandsire@...> wrote: > > When I think that I probably cannot translate it > in > > any of the languages I made (except Moten > > probably)... :((((( Anyway, without my notes it'll > > be difficult anyway. > > Wow, shows me how amateur I must be as I thought the > whole point was for us all to try to develop our > languages by these sorts of translation exercises... > meaning, ie, that I for one have been inventing a > lot > of Vya:a:h on-the-spot. How many of you out there > do > not translate these exercises if you don't have your > "notes" with you?? Yeah, I know that ad-hoc > translation is not the best for creating a > structurally-balanced language, but I just have no > time or privacy other than these few weeks once per > week on the PC!! Anyway, see below for my ad-hoc > Vya:a:hn translation.
REVISION! Meant to say: I just have no time or privacy other than these few HOURS once per week!
> "If I see the man who walked on my flowers, I'm > gonna > make him eat his dirty shoes through his nose." > > Ma:mna:yn rrhaux'arrhu-yaihanyyiuusd-taL theiLdj > kjox, > ma:mooeooen yuuthaiLyyi-yuutsaipap-hy'yygkjoeox. > > see(1pres.sing) > (past)'walk, if, > force(1pres.sing) > his+nose+through-his+shoe-(honorific)+eat+ > (negativizor).
REVISION: before "if" I forgot to add, man+the
> Notes: > 1. When _ox_ (negativizor, as in _glhL_ "thanks" > ---> > _glh'ox_ "no, thanks") is used along with the > honorific _hy'yy_ in Vya:a:h, it transfers the > meaning > to something totally rude/crude. Hence, one would > not > need to use demeaning modifiers like "dirty" in > English, as the Vya:a:hn construction > _hy'yy......ox_ > indicates the intention of condescendingness. This, > naturally, can pose a problem with direct > translation > between Eng-Vyh, as one could possibly translate > above > as "I will make him eat his stinking shoes" or > plethora of other ways! > 2. The construction "make (s.o.) do (s.t.)" is > expressed in Vyh by "force" _ooeooe_. Notice that > _oe_ is 1 character pronounced like an elongated > schwa > /@:/. 1st person, ma:m (in written Vyh _yai_, has > the > ending "m" -- so "I force" is _ma:mooeooen_ > /m&mO@:O@:/. The word _ooe_ itself means "under" or > "down," used for showing derrogatory things or > "under-". It tends to be the opposite of verbs > based > off _yyi_ --> ie, _oll_ to be, _yyioll_ to exist > (with > honor or pride), _ooeoll_ to exist (as a vagrant or > loser). > 3. "If" clauses are treated by having A and B > brought > together by _kjox_ "if" in the middle. Notice that > _kj_ is 1 character pronounced like /j/ if alone, > but > /k:j/ if preceded by g (gkj). Notice also, that > _kjox_ > ends in _ox_ which suggests a possibility of > negativity or unstability -- "if" has an inherent > meaning of unstability. >
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