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Trans: Shoeflower Nose Man (Vyh)

From:SuomenkieliMaa <suomenkieli@...>
Date:Saturday, October 27, 2001, 10:10
--- <christophe.grandsire@...> wrote:
> When I think that I probably cannot translate it in > any of the languages I made (except Moten > probably)... :((((( Anyway, without my notes it'll > be difficult anyway.
Wow, shows me how amateur I must be as I thought the whole point was for us all to try to develop our languages by these sorts of translation exercises... meaning, ie, that I for one have been inventing a lot of Vya:a:h on-the-spot. How many of you out there do not translate these exercises if you don't have your "notes" with you?? Yeah, I know that ad-hoc translation is not the best for creating a structurally-balanced language, but I just have no time or privacy other than these few weeks once per week on the PC!! Anyway, see below for my ad-hoc Vya:a:hn translation. ***************************************************** "If I see the man who walked on my flowers, I'm gonna make him eat his dirty shoes through his nose." Ma:mna:yn rrhaux'arrhu-yaihanyyiuusd-taL theiLdj kjox, ma:mooeooen yuuthaiLyyi-yuutsaipap-hy'yygkjoeox. see(1pres.sing) (past)'walk, if, force(1pres.sing) his+nose+through-his+shoe-(honorific)+eat+(negativizor). Notes: 1. When _ox_ (negativizor, as in _glhL_ "thanks" ---> _glh'ox_ "no, thanks") is used along with the honorific _hy'yy_ in Vya:a:h, it transfers the meaning to something totally rude/crude. Hence, one would not need to use demeaning modifiers like "dirty" in English, as the Vya:a:hn construction _hy'yy......ox_ indicates the intention of condescendingness. This, naturally, can pose a problem with direct translation between Eng-Vyh, as one could possibly translate above as "I will make him eat his stinking shoes" or plethora of other ways! 2. The construction "make (s.o.) do (s.t.)" is expressed in Vyh by "force" _ooeooe_. Notice that _oe_ is 1 character pronounced like an elongated schwa /@:/. 1st person, ma:m (in written Vyh _yai_, has the ending "m" -- so "I force" is _ma:mooeooen_ /m&mO@:O@:/. The word _ooe_ itself means "under" or "down," used for showing derrogatory things or "under-". It tends to be the opposite of verbs based off _yyi_ --> ie, _oll_ to be, _yyioll_ to exist (with honor or pride), _ooeoll_ to exist (as a vagrant or loser). 3. "If" clauses are treated by having A and B brought together by _kjox_ "if" in the middle. Notice that _kj_ is 1 character pronounced like /j/ if alone, but /k:j/ if preceded by g (gkj). Notice also, that _kjox_ ends in _ox_ which suggests a possibility of negativity or unstability -- "if" has an inherent meaning of unstability. __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Make a great connection at Yahoo! Personals.


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