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Re: Constructed Numerology

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 4, 1998, 22:39
On Wed, 4 Nov 1998 15:46:37 -0600 "Sheets, Jeff" <JSheets@...>
>How many of you have considered designing a numerological system into >your lang? How many of you have? By numerology I mean each >letter/syllable/whatever is associated with a spiritual concept and a >integer number, and when these are combined in some fashion, a number >results. Various numerological systems have been used with the >Hebrew, >Greek, and Roman Alphabets, I don't know of any others. > >Can't wait to hear the response this'll generate. :) >Jeff Sheets
Well, i haven't considered numerology, but i have considered a kind of tarot-card system with 25 cards based on the Rokbeigalm's (the Rokbeigalmki conculture) five life-elements, which each are connected to a specific life-cycle event: aurez (wood) - being born zek (fire) - puberty reiyug (blood) - marriage dwi (water) - giving birth / begetting amal (earth) - death So, if you have a card for each combination of two elements - aurez-zek, dwi-dwi, amal-reiyug, etc., you get a total of 25 cards to do stuff with. I have no idea what each would mean, though :) -Stephen (Steg) ___________________________________________________________________ You don't need to buy Internet access to use free Internet e-mail. Get completely free e-mail from Juno at or call Juno at (800) 654-JUNO [654-5866]