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Some Sanity? ;-)was: Re: LUNATIC again

From:Robert J. Petry <ambassador@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 4, 1998, 20:40
Logical Language Group wrote:

> [kut]
Like you, I agree with much of your response, and a part or two, might not totally agree on.
> > I bl > I believe, but am not sure of my facts, that Ido was in a similar position > prior to WWI, and actually had the highest number of speakers other than > Esperanto and Volapu:k in its heydey. Occidental may have been active, but I don't > think its peak was anywhere near as high as its predescessors. This > was largely because WWI largely killed off the idealism that led to the IAL > movement, and the Depression and WWII destroyed what little was left.
Not only was the idealism killed off, but many of the users of these languages. As far as the numbers of Occidentalists versus Idists, it appears the world has temporarily lost the history of that time. Idists flocked to Occidental, along with Idiom Neutralists, Esperantists, Medialists, Universalists, etc. And, even Novialists. Many who began to developed new languages during that time modeled much that they did on de Wahl's Occidental. It actually ended up that the two top languages at that time, membership wise, was Esperanto and Occidental. The others virtually died out at this time, or began dramatic declines. It appears that Occidental was beginning to hit its stride and grow like crazy, then came the war. After the war, Esp. survived, Occidental did also, without many of their key people who were killed. Then there seems to have been a vacuum till the late 1940's when news came out that IALA was going to be presenting Ila to the world. That was another blow to the struggling Occidentalists, and many Occidentalists went over to Ila. I don't know how the appearance of Ila affected the Esperanto movement. Not much I suspect. However, in spite of this Occidental remained steady and growing up through the early 1960's, when the toll of losses to Ila really began to tell. In the meantime, by 1951-53, as I recall, Ila took a nosedive when it's financial backer died. This helped Occidental and it began to grow till Ric Berger got in a tiff with the Occidentalists because they would not accept a change he wanted. So, he switched sides and started promoting Ila heavily. Many Occidentalists followed him. Here I'm not sure of the timing of events, but it appears Ila just held it's own till the internet came into use, and now, it appears to be growing again, as is Occidental. I read a post recently that the Ila list averaged around 49-53 on the list. Not counting users who are not on the list. They seem to be doing a fairly good job now of promoting themselves.
> [kut] > Rob again: > >[kut] > >If I knew it were no problem > >, I > >would use more Occidental here and on Auxlang as a form of communication > >versus using quotes as I have done in the past to let people see what > >Occidental looks like. > > I would have no problem, but I wouldn't try to read the posts, sothe effect is > to lose part of your audience - maybe most of it. Same would be true if I > had tried to post this in Lojban. No one would have read it.
The one exception being, if you did read it, you could read it. I'm not sure I, or anyone else here could read Lojban without studying it. Maybe you could post a sample of what it looks like sometime.
> >However, it was designed to be used for communication with people who had > > not > >studied it, and spoke different languages. So, here and on auxlang there are > >som e > >potential problems with doing this. One of them certainly is, we all to my > >knowl edge > >can use English, and there are no speakers here who speak other than English. > > I am quite sure that there are native speakers of other-than-English here. All > who read conlang oibviosuly read English, and most presumably can write it > at some level of competance, but the only reason for posting only in English is > because probably no other language can be read by even a large fraction of the > reasdership.
[kut] Which brings up a question I just thought of asking an hour or two ago, and this is as good a time as any to ask. Are there any similar "conlang" or "auxlang" lists in any other natlang, where they are trying to do the same thing. Or, are English speakers the only ones actively on the net doing this? I would love to use Occidental on such a list. Al l sue, Bob, x+