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Sleeping dragons (and Harry in Ngandan)

From:Elliott Belser <renyard@...>
Date:Friday, March 8, 2002, 22:33
>Siyo, kadlakayda! >Well, I'm going to attempt this translation, but it's >going to produce my longest words ever: >"Never tickle a sleeping dragon."
...sigh... Ngandan has it: Mi'oi'tiem odayl'e fiqinu'as lom shiray'rasen'a In-no-times proper-(SUBJ) Tickle-(INFIN) (Lit: To give a little kiss/caress) a dragon-sleeping-(IND). Sadly, I have been translating Harry Potter into my conlang. Horrors. BTW, "Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone" translates as: Arhi Qiln'adi ei lon Lithen Fusg'u Fated (Harry) Clay-(GENDER - person) and the Stone Marvelous-(ADJ. MARKER)


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