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Re: The first Tech wordlist!

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Thursday, September 23, 1999, 19:50
Uh, had to make some corrections.

>labial b p p' (v) (f) m w >dental d t t' (dh) (th) n l (r) >alveolar j c c' z s n_ l_ r >retroflex jj cc cc' zz ss nn ll rr
Make this line: retroflex [dd tt tt'] zz ss nn ll rr
>palatal jh ch sh zh =9A (nh) (lh) (rh) >lateral dl tl tl' zl hl (nl) (rl)
And this line: lateral dl tl tl' [l'] hl (nl) (rl)
>velar g k k' (gh) (x) =F1 (l~) >uvular g' q q' g` x' (=F1') >pharyngeal (") h' `
The quote-sign (double apostrophe) is actually an epiglottal affricate,=20 which is very rare.
>A note: <x> in the words is really the uvular x, not velar. Actually th=
>are more like unvoiced French r's (while g` is the voiced).
I just now rectified that issue. All voiceless uvular laryngeals are now= =20 marked <x'>. (There are six to nine 'laryngeals' total.) Once again: and I covet your comments, suggestions and questions. Danny ______________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at