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The first Tech wordlist!

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Thursday, September 23, 1999, 19:34
Check this out...

This is a list of about 120 Tech nouns and verbal nouns, lifted straight=20
from Dolgopolsky's book so it's not a public page, since this is a probab=
a copyright infringement.  But you'll have some ideas of what Tech sounds=

Notice that the words generally fall into a bisyllabic pattern, CVCV or=20
CVCCV.  Some trisyllable words appear, so you could have a CVCVCV, CVCVCC=

Also, my method of transliteration is pretty piecemeal.  Basically, a=20
doubled consonant (cc, jj, nn, ll, rr) is retroflex, an underlined conson=
is alveolar instead of dental (as in Dravidian), apostrophe marks an=20
ejective or emphatic consonant, the laryngeals are <' ` h h' g` x>, n-til=
is "ng", s-hacek is "sh", ch, jh, zh are postalveolar/palatals, umlauted=20
vowels are fronted, and dl, tl, hl and zl are lateral affricates and=20

By the way, this is my *latest* phonology, not counting fortis-lenis=20
consonants, long/short vowels, palatized/labialized, nasal/pharyngealized=
vowels, etc., while secondary segments (usually allophones) are in=20

labial    b    p    p'   (v)  (f)  m    w
dental    d    t    t'   (dh) (th) n    l    (r)
alveolar  j    c    c'   z    s    n_   l_   r
retroflex jj   cc   cc'  zz   ss   nn   ll   rr
palatal   jh   ch   sh   zh   =9A    (nh) (lh) (rh)
lateral   dl   tl   tl'  zl   hl   (nl)      (rl)
velar     g    k    k'   (gh) (x)  =F1    (l~)
uvular    g'   q    q'   g`   x'   (=F1')
pharyngeal          (")  h'   `
glottal             '    h    (h`)

high      i    (&)  =FC    u
mid       e    (@)  (=F6)  o
low       =E4    a    (@=BA) (=E5)
syllabic  @r   @l

A note: <x> in the words is really the uvular x, not velar.  Actually the=
are more like unvoiced French r's (while g` is the voiced).


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