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Yet another introduction

From:Pavel Iosad <pavel_iosad@...>
Date:Wednesday, September 19, 2001, 19:27
Hi again,
Well, until now I have not taken the trouble to introduce myself, so I
do so.
I'm 16, living in Moscow and right now preparing for my exams in
summer - first school finals and then entrance the Department of
Theoretical and Applied Linguistics, Faculty of Philology, Moscow State
University. Though I don't read Reichenbach (non cuivis contingit adire
Corinthum), I am not wholly unlettered.
I've been trying to put together a conlang I could have liked for the
past year or so, and my current project, Tolwd, seems to appeal to me.
It is a kind of mix between Welsh (of which I do enjoy the sound),
Hungarian (which I just like a hell lot), and Chinese (which I'm
absolutely in love with, studying in a school specializing in Oriental
Tolwd is characterized by a fairly straightforward phonological system.
In morphonology, its main characteristic is vowel harmony with vowel
roundedness as the hallmark (so it has the rounded o, w [u], u (German
u-umlaut, in case it's all garbled) and o (o-umlaut), unrounded a, u
(Russian/Polish [y]), i, e, and the neutral y (schwa)).
It has a relatively simple noun morphology (the object/subject
distinction is almost completely demolished, and there is third Dative
case), but the verb is awful - it just comes out of control! It has
three separate inflectional paradigms for the verb, having to do with
whether the subject/object is definite and/or associated with a
possessive. There are some conscious borrowings in grammar, esp. from
Hungarian (the conjugational system) and Chinese (the way to deal with
participles), and possibly some half-concious ones from other languages
(I've just realised that the relative clause is copied from Hebrew).
Overall, I'm pretty I'm going to have a good time here :-)


When you grasp the essence, you forget the words   -Zhuang-zi
(Disclaimer: It's not about conlanging! :-))

He was jeopardizing his traditional rights of freedom and
independence by daring to exercise them   -Joseph Heller

Pavel Iosad
Student at: Lyceum 1535, 52 Usacheva str., Moscow, Russia
Home: apt.113, 110 prospect Mira, Moscow, 129626 Russia


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