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Re: A language without the verb "take"?

From:Ben Haanstra <kof@...>
Date:Sunday, May 6, 2007, 11:20
>Hi everybody, just a short and simple thought from the one who usually lurks. ; >-) > >What about a language where no verb exists that means "to take"? I am >pondering to render this meaning as "to give oneself". Consequently, I wonder >which languages already do this since there isn't anything that there isn't
- so
>they say. ;-) > >Cheers from Vienna, >Harald
Take has many meanings, you can take a course (follow a course) you can take something from somebody (accept/get) take something away (make someone lose something) you can take something with you (bring (along)) you can take a few of something (like a few numbers from a bigger number: select). you can take something (use) so basically to remove take from the vocubalury, you would need more different words to make up for it, then again takes usages come more by pragmatics usage (in my opinion..)