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Weekly Vocab 25 in Tok Inlis

From:takatunu <takatunu@...>
Date:Saturday, October 11, 2003, 8:58
A gaspik Tok Inlis:

1. date (romantic interlude, fruit, calendar ~)
On my first date, I realized that my package of dates was outdated.

A derislov wa mi da wi taim gatrankwan den mi i rilaiz da pak wi futdet wa
mi dis gattaimenit i pas.
At day-reach-love who-at me that who-is time got-rank-one then me he
realizes that pack this who-is fruit-date who-at me this got-time-end-eat he

2. station (outpost, to place)
I was stationed at the Bridge Creek station.

poste (post-stay)
plesim (place him)

Mi yen gatples ya poste wa bris Riva Nobig.
I he-end got-place he-at post-stay who-at bridge River No-big.

3. ruler (measurement and commander)
This ruler, a popular tourist item, bears the mark of the current ruler.

gaibos ("guy-boss")
stik(baskel)saiz--("stick (bar scale) size)

Stiksaiz dis wi janksuvni wi gatfemas wa gaikomsilan da i gatmak wa gaibos
wa deznau.
Stick-size this who-is junk-souvenir who-he gat-famous who-at
guy-come-see-land that he got-mark who-at guy-boss who-at days-now.

4. rate (instances per time, to judge something, often giving a numeric
You rated the accuracy of the rate of change in government as being totally

nambatan ("number-turn")
skelim ("scale him"), yuwonowim ("your-honour him")

Yu yen yuwonowim digrikorek wa nambatan wa meknosem gaimemba da a disiz
nolozik krezi.
You he-end your-honour-him degree-correct who-at number-turn who-at
make-no-same guy-member that at this-is no-logic crazy.

5. loaf (~ of bread, to waste time being lazy)
Don't just loaf about the place--why don't you bake a loaf or two?

paipis ("pile-piece")
janktaim ("junk-time")

Eyu i no janktaim a plesdis--A gatkoz wat da yu i no bek paidokek wan-tu?
Hey, you! he no junk-time at place-this--At got-cause what that you he no
bake pile-dough-cake one-two?

6. direction (way, control)
The car's direction is under the driver's direction.

gotu ("go to")

Pikal i gatgotu a gaidrap i bosim.
Vehicle he got-go-to at guy-drive he bosses-him.

7. rest (leisure, remainder)
The rest of the company may rest here for an hour.

Stopizi ("stop easy")

Nada wa pipol i kan stopizi a plesdis a long wan tanklok.
Another who-at people he can stop-easy at place-this at long one turn-clock.

8. crack (onomatopeia, fissure, the substance)
With a crack, a crack opened in the wall, revealing a package of crack.

Wolom i gatbrek i gatopen a meknois brek den i gatkansi pak misin brekbren.
Wall-home he got-brake he got-open at make-noise brake then he got-can-see
pack medicine brake-brain.

9. fast (speedy, to go without food)
We have to be fast if we want to reach the holy city in time to fast.

Yumi i mas kwik a gatkes dis yumi i wana gatu ton wa Got a inabipo tukan
You-me he must quick at got-case this you-me he want-to got-to town of God
at enough-before to-can stop-eat-him.

10. class (ranking; attention to fine arts, asthetics, and history)
In his class, he has no choice but to have no class.

A ninsai wa rumtisa dis, disgai i kan no pik a nada wa no mitintisa.
At inside of room-teacher this, this-guy he can not pick at other of no

Okay, that's quite enough.

Oke, dis i inap oke a planti.