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Re: TECH: software for recording your voice

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 30, 1999, 15:44
Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
> > On Mon, 28 Jun 1999, Sally Caves wrote:
> > It took about forty seconds. Yes, it's beautiful. Now I've heard > > Lamay Narenmen spoken as Boudewijn meant it to be! I just can't hear > > your instrumental music, B. > > > > Forty seconds! You've got a good, fast link! I'm currently without > easy access to midi sounds, too: my synthesizer is in Irina's computer, > and the soundcard in my computer is - well, if I'd known beforehand, I > would have bought another one!
This morning it was only 20 seconds!
> > > > > I don't have the canyon.mid. So I guess I've been had. But I bought a > > very basic computer with Windows 98 already preloaded. For a very > > reasonable price. Is that what they want me to download when I get that > > warning message? "Canyon.mid"? > > > > No, Canyon.mid is the standard midi sound file included in all full > installations of Windows, so people can test whether their computer works > according to specs - Microsoft has decreed that every computer must be > able to play wave and midi files. It's quite possible that your setup is > too basic for that - is it a real brand computer or a clone put together > by a local shop?
It was put together by a very reputable local shop. I prefer that to getting a Compaq for $999 dollars that you can't add anything to. And it was cheaper than a Dell.
> > Just another type of sound file - this is software, which means there > are literally dozens of ways of doing something, some rather clever, > others rather basic, and mp3 is a clever way of storing good quality > sound in little space.
Hmmm. Maybe I'll download the winamp with player and producer. But my screen is getting pretty filled up.
> > What I really want to recommend to you is getting a copy of _Web Design > in a Nutshell_, by Jennifer Niederst, published by O'Reilly - she has > a very thorough discussion of audio formats, much clearer than I can write > it, and Irina and I find this book indispensable when doing up our web > stuff. It's available from Amazon.(In my opinion O'Reilly is the only > publisher of computer-related books who produce books that are worth > the money.)
I have a wonderful book called USING HTML 4, which promotes Paint Shop Pro as its graphics designer, something I think I'll buy, on Taliesin's recommendation. Let's see: what does it promote for sound? Doesn't have much on sound. I got this in 1998, but it's been a dynamite book. I taught myself how to design webpages using this book. But it's deficient on the audio part. Sally