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Re: The Forbidden Experiment

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Saturday, December 18, 1999, 8:05
Talk about the "forbidden experiment."  I was looking for
Paul Auster's fictional examination of conlanging (mentioned
on another listserv) in his famous _New York Trilogy_, and
missed it because I started with the third novella, "The
Locked Closet," which I was sure was the one about language
invention.  It's in the very first of the three, "The City
of Glass."  All about a man who submits his young son to...
... the forbidden experiment.  That's all I'll say.  It's
an exciting read, and I haven't finished it yet.  And on
that note, I will really bid you farewell for a while.

I'm signing off, and I hope I remember to get the new
list address right when I decide to come back on.  I'm
working on the Bast Relay webpages, having saved your
long linguistic explanations to files.  If any of you
wish to provide me with simpler, more direct interlinear
explanations that are more bent on explaining your
translations than on hiding the meaning from the next
relay recipient, please mail these to me PRIVATELY as I
will not be reading the list.

May you all have a lovely last millenial year!  I hope
to see you before it's out.  That's 2000, I mean. <G>

Euanef o venda... firrimby ry!

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