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small feather in my cap

From:Jim Grossmann <steven@...>
Date:Saturday, December 29, 2001, 1:35
Hi, everybody,

FYA (for your amusement)

The web pages for my artificial language, Goesk, can now be reached from a
link in the grammars section at

It's in the artificial languages section, between the links to Aramaic and
Aymara grammars.

The other artificial languages in this section are Lojban (descendent of
Loglan, the logical language;   Lojban grammar by John Cowan), Interlingua,
Verdurian (by Mark Rosenfelder) and Laadan, the Women's Language (by Dr.
Suzette Elgin).

Say, aren't John and Mark on our list?

Still trying to plug the next great universal auxiliary language,

:-)  :-)