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finnish and japanese thru GMC

From:daniel andreasson <danielandreasson@...>
Date:Friday, December 28, 2001, 16:05
So having nothing better to do (well, I do)
I put Finnish and Japanese through my Grand
Master Chart to see what I came up with. The
result would be similar to Cein (developed
from Quenya by me) but with different words.

I don't know Japanese or Finnish so don't kill
me please if I've chosen odd words.

This is the result of the sentence "The deer
jumps over the dog" coming out in Cein grammar
as something like "Is the deer at jumping over
the dog."


the (<that) = se/s' [s(@)]
deer = hirvi > irf
jump = ypätä > ibäd
over = ella > eall
dog = koira > cwyr

"Lla s'irf sä ibädidd eall se cwyr."

[Ka sIrv s& Ib&'diD jaK s@ kUjr]


the = za/z' [z(@)]
deer = shika > sig [SIg]
jump = tobikomi > tebigef [tebI'gev]
       joutou > iwd [jUd]
       kyuutou > chwd [xUd]
over = ue > we
       yo > io
dog = inu > yn [i:n]
be = desu > dews

"Dews za sig o tebigef we z'yn."

[dews za SIg O tebi'gev we zi:n]

I decided to keep the {ä} and the {z} respectively
to keep a bit of the flavour of Japanese and Finnish.

Fun, fun. Maybe I'll pursue this a bit further
when I have more time.

||| daniel