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Poetry in Conlangs (was Irritating word puzzle)

From:Carlos Thompson <carlos_thompson@...>
Date:Monday, October 25, 1999, 2:40
For some time I was thinking how poetry would be in Hangkerimce (and now I
wonder how it would be in Chleweyish).

First, I'm not a poet, but I like to write and I have a couple of pieces I
dare to show.  I usually write free verse, where the image is more important
than the meter or the rhyme, but that's not the case of most Hangkerim

Well: that is my excuse (beside lack of vocabulary) I cannot give any
example of Hangkerim poetry.

After Hangkerimce is a tonal language most poetry follows a tonal rythm,
syllabic meter and vowel rhyme (vowels after last stressed syllabe are the
same).  Canonic poetry uses full rhyme, and there are a lot of popular
pieces with no rhyme but strong tonal rythm.

Chleweyish follows the Chleweiness conception of "ignore meter, rhyme and
rythm and focus on semantic twisters".

-- Carlos Th