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Re: MADJAL New corpus and some questions

From:Gary Shannon <fiziwig@...>
Date:Saturday, July 3, 2004, 16:33
--- Andrew W Soukup <aws@...> wrote:
> > Nobody has yet discovered how plurals are formed > in > > Madjal, or questions either. > > temin - the demon > i temin - the demons > > turac - the dragon > i turac - the dragons
Neet discovery. I added these to the corpus in the form of example sentences. <snip> I see you also discovered a new letter in the Madjal alphabet. How exciting!
> > Igen æru akia. = I want this. > Igen æra akia? = Do I want this? > > > And how is "Selam aki mwana ta'ha" turned into a > > question? > > Selam aki mwane ta'ha. > > Plus, > > Oha disavan turaca sor okhi voriam i ulama ta'Jon. > I have kill the dragon that ate John's sheep.
I also noticed some alternative spellings of a few Madjal words. This is nto surprising since the language is too young to have standardized spellings yet. I made a note on the corpus web page for other Madjal scholars to look out for such alternates as "oolam" vs "ulam", "oolami" vs "i ulam", and "quasium" vs "kwasium". Tomorrow will be the fifth day since the birth of Madjal, and so the corpus entries from the very first day will drop into the "Ancient Madjal" category. They will still be in the corpus, but will be in a separate section labeled "Corpus of Ancient Madjal." After eight days the first two days worth of discoveries will become Ancient Madjal, and so on. This doesn't necessarily mean that those words or usages have become obsolete since those same words and usages might appear in more recent entries in the corpus of Modern Madjal. Thanks to all the fine Madjal scholars who have contributed their own discoveries so far. --gary