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Re: Pronunciation keys

From:Benct Philip Jonsson <conlang@...>
Date:Thursday, February 1, 2007, 11:40
T. A. McLeay skrev:
 > On 1/31/07, Benct Philip Jonsson
 > <conlang@...> wrote:
 >> in uterque sensu
 > Pardon?
 > ...
 >> (12) _U_ for /w/ is preferable to _o_ since we don't want
 >>      'wolf' _uolf_, 'would'-'wood' _uodd_, 'woman'
 >>      _uOmman_, 'wound' _uOnd_ to become [ulf], [ud],
 >>      ['uman], [und]. We may get [wolf] etc., but that's
 >>      IMO less grave.
 > Personally, considering the vowel is actually /U/ or /u:/,
 > I would've thought that the first group would've been less
 > grave, particularly if they treat them as starting with a
 > consonant (and hence say /@ und/ and not /@n und/ for 'a
 > wound')... Altho I suppose it depends on how high the /o/
 > is and who they're meant to sound native to.

The /o/ is quite high for many Swedes, and in addition 'over-
rounded' in comparison to e.g. /o/ in French or Italian,
making it sound even higher than it is. Moreover _oulf,
ound_ may also be read as [u8lf u8nd] by a naive Swedish
reader, and I think you agree that we don't want that. There
are several reasons to prefer _u_ for /w/, including that it
has a much stronger [B_o] offglide for most Swedes -- cf.
how _paus_ is often realized as [paB_os], but _kaos_ AFAIK
never becomes **[kaB_os].

However there is one factor that actually speaks in favor of
_ou_, namely that _uo_ may get read as [8u], which I didn't
think of before.
 > --
 > Alexander
/BP 8^)>

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