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Weekly Vocab. #17 in Kash

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Sunday, August 3, 2003, 4:48
1. safe - leyal
The police make sure that my house is safe.
kañuti irumirap andeyalni punami
cops  they-assure safety-of it  house-my
"kañuti" is colloq. and can be either sing. or plur.

2. rude - trakambo 'un-polite'
They are very rude, however.
mowa niya trakambo, nila
but very impolite, they

3. illegal - tarambu 'un-permitted' (officialese)
They say these herbs [plants] (hem-hem) are illegal.
kotani, eleç tayuç, na, tarambu
word-their, plant-pl this-pl, well, forbidden

4. witness - kandikas, lit. one-who-sees
They cannot prove my guilt without a witness
ta me ipole itindor pun tale kandikas
not me they-can hold-responsible if there-is-not witness
[Unfortunately, they can-- telepathy, y'know]

5. foreign - opor
They say I'm a dirty foreign wretch, but I'm a naturalized citizen.
kotani, male kikayokaçu opor, mowa mam kañeçen komer
word-their, I-am trash/no-goodnik-pej. foreign, but I, resident legal

6. industry // economy- kunjayi (< Gwr)
Foreigners are a vital part of industry, providing cheap labor at the
expense of native citizens.
kaçila opor isanji uçoñi kunjayi, iyukar kambepu çimo-çimo mumundruk
kañeçenile kamon
person-pl foreign they-necessary for economy, they-become worker cheap-cheap
opposing resident-pl-dat. born.

7. supper - / food - tahan (colloq.)
All I know is, I'm earning my supper
naponi kayami, pole mahanga tahambi
only know-my, can I-pay food-my

8. mud - sucup
Actually, I know something else-- my supper tastes like mud.
kukundri, makaya yu liya-- tahambi kuñatni sucup
in-truth, I-know that other-- food-my taste-its mud

9. cupboard - rapundan, colloq. pundan (-ci, dimin.)
My cupboard is devoid of food, as is my refrigerator.
pundanjimi ta yale tahañi, tati kopronekmi
cupboard-dim.-my not there-is food-its, neither box-cold-my
(More elegant: pundanjimi yayinga tahani, eme[also] kopronekmi---- inga 'to
lack, not have, be without', but it takes the genitive, which confuses a lot
of people.)

10.alcohol - puhi
My significant other keeps a large amount of alcohol there, though
karendemi mowa riyan yaraput pando ñimu puhi
"special-friend"-my but there he/she-stores  much drink(n.) alcohol

Wow, just 2 new words....