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Weekly Vocab 17

From:Christopher Wright <faceloran@...>
Date:Sunday, August 3, 2003, 0:58
1. safe
The police make sure that my house is safe.

2. rude
They are very rude, however.

3. illegal
They say that these herbs (hem-hem) are illegal.

4. witness
They cannot prove my guilt without a witness.

5. foreign
They say I'm a dirty foreign wretch, but I'm a naturalized citizen.

6. industry
Foreigners are a vital part of industry, providing cheap labor at the
expense of the native citizens.

7. supper
All I know is, I'm earning my supper.

8. mud
Actually, I know something else: my supper tastes like mud.

9. cupboard
My cupboard is devoid of food, as is my refrigerator.

10. alcohol
My significant other keeps a large amount of alcohol there, though.

I may have to go nomail in less than a month due to college, but I'll keep
up with the Weekly Vocab--I hope.



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