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new lang: 'hadrsakkagrd

From:Robert B Wilson <han_solo55@...>
Date:Friday, December 20, 2002, 22:54
i just started working on a new conlang. the orthography is quite
irregular; the orthographic representations given here are the most
common representations for each phoneme.  words can contain letters that
are just added to make the word longer (long words are considered better
in 'hadrsakkagrd writing).

/t/ [t]                         <t>
/d/ [d]                         <d>
/T/ [T]                         <ht>, <th>, <tt>
/D/ [D]                         <dh>, <hd>, <dd>
/S/ [S]                         <s>
/Z/ [Z]                         <z>
/dr/ [r]                                <dr>, <r>, <dd>, <rd>
/c/ [c]                         <c>
/j/R voiced palatal stop        <j>
/C/ [C]                         <ch>, <hc>, <cc>
/j\/ [j\]                               <jh>, <hj>, <jj>
/cr/ palatal trill              <jr>, <jj>, <rj>
/k/ [k]                         <k>
/g/ [g]                         <g>
/x/ [x]                         <kh>, <hk>, <kk>
/G/ [G]                         <hg>, <gh>, <gg>
/q/ [q]                         <q>
/X/ [X]                         <hq>, <qh>, <qq>
/R/ [R]                         <qh>, <hq>, <qq>
/R\/ [R\]                               <qr>, <qq>, <rq>
/?/ pharyngeal stop             <?>
/X\/ [X\]                               <h?>, <?h>, <??>
/?\/ [?\]                               <?h>, <h?>, <??>
/?r/ pharyngeal trill           <?r>, <??>, <r?>
/'/ [?]                         <'>
/h/ [h]                         <h'>, <'h>, <''>
/h\/ [h\]                               <'h>, <h'>, <''>

/i/ [i]                         <i>, <e>
/i:/ [i:]                               <ii>, <ie>, <ee>, <ei>, <io>, <iu>
/a/ [a], [@]                    <a>
/a:/ [a:]                               <aa>, <ao>, <au>, <ae>, <ai>
/u/ [u]                         <u>
/u:/ [u:]                               <uu>, <ua>, <ue>, <ui>, <uo>
/A/ [A], [@]                    <o>, <a>
/A:/ [A:]                               <oo>, <oa>, <aa>, <oe>, <oi>, <ae>, <ai>, <ou>, <au>

here's a sample:
qqahadrjkuadr. -- rdasohkad?h.
"hello. my name is --."
[R\ad]+palatal trill+[u:r]. -- [rA:G@X\]

Robert Wilson
Yessessë Eru ontanë Menel ar Cemen.
Yessessë ëa Quetta ar Quetta né as Eru ar Eru né Quetta.


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