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Holy Happidays

From:andrew <hobbit@...>
Date:Friday, December 20, 2002, 22:36
Being in the middle of moving flats and knowing that next week the Xmas
Monster is going to eat me up and chew on my bones doesn't give me much
time to write.  So best wishes for Good Luck Day and remember to duck.

The con-ethnics I am currently working on are the Vakaunnes from the
Beyond Lands.  The language that started off as Vokhoman and was revised
as Vakaman has added a new rule (medial -m- -> w~ -> N(C)).  I imagine
the Vakaunnes live on a steppe like central Asia, or maybe central
Otago, which stands in, in part, for Rohan.

Despite this the calendar the Vakaunnes use is based it on hypernotian
season changes, as my year is, so they are celebrating their summer
season (a bit cloudy today).  On the 20th December they celebrate
Rammenen, a minor festival celebrated primarily for the renewal of vows
of the Saradhodes, the sacred ritualists.  The salutation for a holy day
among the Vakaunnes is "sovato dhesso", blessed feast /sQvAtQ: DE:ssQ:/,
and the reply is "fetvitto dhesso", prosperous feast /fE:tvIttQ:

More about the Vakaunnes in the new year, I hope.  See you then.

- andrew.
Andrew Smith, Intheologus               
alias Mungo Foxburr of Loamsdown

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