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Conlang Idea Donation For Classicists

From:Ed Heil <edheil@...>
Date:Monday, July 10, 2000, 13:53
This is another cool conlang idea that I don't see myself actually using...

Plato, in the Cratylus, remarks on Homer's habit of reporting two names for
things -- the human and the divine name:

" may learn of the poets, and in particular
of Homer, who distinguishes the names given by Gods and men to the same
things, as in the verse about the river God who fought with Hephaestus,
'whom the Gods call Xanthus, and men call Scamander;' or in the lines in
which he mentions the bird which the Gods call 'Chalcis,' and men
'Cymindis;' or the hill which men call 'Batieia,' and the Gods 'Myrinna's
Tomb.'  Here is an important lesson; for the Gods must of course be right
in their use of names."

I wonder if anybody has ever made a list of all the "divine names" given to

I was thinking a moment ago that this would be a cool basis for a conlang, but
now that I look at it I realize that the Gods seem to speak Greek.  Darn.

ah well. :)