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English oddities

From:Mangiat <mangiat@...>
Date:Monday, July 10, 2000, 15:59

I was wondering in the last days where the word 'TIME' is from. AFAIR there
isn't any other Germanic lng. which has an -M in that position. German
itself has ZEIT, Dutch 'TIJD' (not sure of it - it might be TEID - never
understood Dutch diphthongs : ). English cognate should look like 'TIDE'.
The strangest thing is that this word exists, but is translated as 'marea'
(Gosh, once I knew the German word for that, but now... Bumme? - hope that's
not a badword, at least). Anyway it seems once upon a time it meant 'time'
as well, exemples are 'noontide' or 'yuletide', quite obsolete, I know, but
they're on my little dictionary. So, how's it possible? Where's the -d gone?
Where's the -m from? When did 'time' displace 'tide'?


BTW, where are y'all? Can't believe you're all (or y'all are?) on vacation!
Yesterday I received only THREE (3) mails.