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Re: fuzzy blue monkeys

From:Kala Tunu <kalatunu@...>
Date:Friday, November 16, 2001, 21:22
in Tunu :

menomeno yanubi wayanoso
monkey-monkey that-blue and-that-fuzzy

i didn't know i had that "noso" word in Tunu that really
means "fluffy". i have generated a list of 1450 Tunu root
words but i still don't know them. sometimes i need to
express an idea so i peruse the list and i find the relevant
translation. the result is that learning my own conlang is
like learning an already existing foreign language! i find
it quite pleasant.

nubi : blue colour
anubi : to be blue
i : who, that, which
yanubi : that-is-blue
noso : fuzzy, fuzziness
anoso : to be fuzzy
yanoso : that-is-fuzzy
wai : and
wayanoso : and-that-is-fuzzy

menomeno : reduplication makes a kind of gruppiert plural.
you could also say :
kana meno : several monkeys
soto meno : a herd of monkeys
buna meno : many monkeys
soba meno : a group of monkeys