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New book: Georgian grammar

From:Jay Bowks <jjbowks@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 13, 1999, 2:27
I thought this interesting too... Funny though this Georgian
is nothing like my previous message on Georgia Talk :-)))
Anyway cool stuff...
Jay B.

>Georgian > >MARCELLO CHERCHI >University of Chicago > >Georgian, spoken by over three million people in the southern Caucasus, >is the only witten member of the Kartvelian language family, and has a >literary history of a millenium and a half. The language provides a >crucial resource for studying the cultures, languages, and history of >the region. Among the linguistic points of interest are the phonological >proclivity for consonant clusters, and the typological characteristics >of mixed or split case marking and verb marking systems. The grammatical >sketch will serve as a concise presentation of modern Georgian >phonology, morphology and syntax with particular attention given to the >complex verbal morphology and the morphosyntax of case government. A >select bibliography will include materials available in Western >languages. > >ISBN 3 89586 119 7. >Languages of the World/Materials 147. >Ca. 60pp. >USD 32.50 / DM 49.30 / # 19.90. > >Ordering information for individuals: Please give us your creditcard no. >/ expiry date or send us a cheque. Prices in this information include >shipment worldwide by airmail. A standing order for this series is >available with special discounts offered to individual subscribers. > >LINCOM EUROPA, Paul-Preuss-Str. 25, D-80995 Muenchen, Germany; FAX +4989 >3148909; > > >