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New book: Chinese historical phonology

From:Jay Bowks <jjbowks@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 13, 1999, 2:27
With all the talk on Mandarin phonology this should be of interest...
once more a shameless cross polination from HistLing email list
Jay B.

>CHINESE HISTORICAL PHONOLOGY >A Compendium of Beijing and Cantonese Pronunciations of Characters and >their Derivations from Middle Chinese > >John Newman & Anand V. Raman; Massey University; John Hopkins University > >This volume is an explicit summary of the phonological histories of >Beijing and Cantonese dialects, based on earlier accounts proposed by >Matthew Chen and John Newman and which appeared in the Journal of >Chinese Linguistics (1976, 1984/1985). Approximately 2,700 characters >appear here with their Middle Chinese reconstructions (the 'Simplified >Middle Chinese' reconstructions proposed by Chen) and arranged by their >Middle Chinese rime, initial, and tone class. For each character, the >complete derivations (as sequences of rule labels) from Middle Chinese >to Beijing pronunciation and from Middle Chinese to Cantonese >pronunciation are given, including indications of exceptional >application or non-application of rules. A full statement of the regular >phonological rules referred to in the derivations is provided. The >meanings of the characters (in English) are also included. A Hanyu >Pinyin-Middle Chinese index enables the reader to determine the Middle >Chinese reconstruction from the Hanyu Pinyin representation. The detail >of Beijing and Cantonese phonological histories is here made accessible >to linguists outside the specialist field of Sinology. The material is >explicit, comprehensive, and transparent in a way which will be >appreciated by Sinologists and non-Sinologists alike. >The enclosed disk contains the data relevant to Part 3 of Newman and >Raman's "Chinese Historical Phonology". In particular, it contains >approximately 2,700 Chinese characters (as encapsulated Postscript >files), Simplified Middle Chinese reconstructions, the modern reflexes >of these reconstructions in Beijing and Cantonese dialects, and the >sequences of phonological rules to derive each of the modern reflexes. >The material allows one to carry out original computational linguistic >tasks on the data, such as searches for phonetic forms, rules, sequences >of rules, and exceptions to rules. >The data has been compiled for LaTeX (a free and easily downloadable >software application) and users should have this software to enjoy the >full benefit of the diskette. However, the files can also be opened and >edited using ordinary text editors. The fonts are transcribed for >processing with wsuipa, the Washington State University's IPA font for >LaTeX. Characters and phonetic transcriptions do not appear as such on >screen, but can be printed out as in Newman and Raman's book. Available >for both PC and Mac. > >ISBN 3 89586 543 3. >LINCOM Studies in Asian Linguistics 27. >Ca. 240 pp. USD 70 / DM 107 / pound sterling 38. July 1999. > >CD-ROM ISBN 3 89586 588 5. USD 28 / DM 42 / # 16.40. July 1999. > >Ordering information for individuals: Please give us your creditcard no. >/ expiry date or send us a cheque. Prices in this information include >shipment worldwide by airmail. A standing order for this series is >available with special discounts offered to individual subscribers. > >LINCOM EUROPA, Paul-Preuss-Str. 25, D-80995 Muenchen, Germany; FAX +4989 >3148909; >New titles:; > >