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Re: Conlang Calendars (was: I Should've Been Asleep Two Hours Ago...)

From:Erich Rickheit KSC <rickheit-cnl@...>
Date:Sunday, April 25, 2004, 19:16
Mark P. Line wrote:
> David went: > > > > Imbedded in this e-mail, of course, is a possible thread about conlang > > calendars. I whole- > > heartedly encourage such a thread.
Apropos of this, I want to hand out a pointer to my Hellenic Reconstruction group's calender project HMEPA (Hellenic Month Established Per Athens; but the Latin acronym seems to spell out the Greek word for 'day') This is a sort of a modern idealized calendar based on the Athenal Clasical one; a month consists of three 'weeks' of ten days, reset when the first crescent was seen by the appropriate priest. The days of the week were originally numbered so the first and second week counted up but the last week counted down. An interesting contrast to the way modern Americans think of time: in America, we commonly shift the celebration of holidays to more convenient times (say, so they give us long weekends); but in Athens, the dates of the holidays were carved in stone (literally, in big boustrephedon on the wall of the temple); so if a festival, say Delphinia was scheduled for the 6th of the month, but could not conveniently take place, they delayed the 6th, scheduling two or three '5th of Mounukhion's until things could work out. So, an idea and an example, and don't feel you have to stick with 'scientific' notions of time. Erich