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Some derivational types of questions

From:Clinton Moreland-Stringham <arachnis@...>
Date:Monday, December 20, 1999, 7:43
    Couple of questions about something I've been working on that
hopefully yáll could help me with. No examples, as I'm utterly stuck by

    I'm developing from old Irish, so:

    What do I do with the tense liquids (represented in the books by R
and L, as opposed to normal r and l)? Would these develop any different
than plain varieties? The tenseness is the difference between dentals
(R,L) and alveolars (r,l). How would they mutate over time? Anyone have
ideas, or examples from other langs?

    What about those fabulous palatized consonants? I started having d'
(palatalized d) become /dZ/ after affecting previous consonants (ad'@l >
edZal, e.g) but the results aren't pleasing to me. Anyone have other
ideas? I kind of need something slightly different, or eventually
collapsing after significant mutational affects with a standard, because
otherwise every word sounds like a Welsh ddwydd to me.

    I've got a diphthongization stage, where long vowels are
diphthongized. Problem is that as I have it now, every word (together
with above note) is starting to sound and look like ddae. I have i: >
ei, a: > ae, o: > oe, but due to standard changes they're all ending up
as ae, pronounced like the vowel in French c'est. I'm not happy with the
enormous number of homophones that are showing up! Anyone have ideas?

    Thanks for your help, folks, ahead of time.