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From:abrigon <abrigon@...>
Date:Monday, December 20, 1999, 7:25
From what I read on the site they are the same people as the
Aleuts. Aleut being a Russian or like word or translation.  But
it is a modern word or atleast usage, only came about some 20 or
so years ago.
Yes the Aleuts are related lingusitically to the Eskimos
(Inuit/Yupik), even I can see it, but they have some borrowing
from what appears to be Tlinghit or like (Culturally or
economically)? ..

I can see in many of the thier words clear simularities to Yupik
and Inupiaq lingos, Quyanna and Imaq for ones. Quyanna is thank
you in Nome area Inupiaq, while a like word Imuk or Imuq is used
for drink in Inupiaq, while Muq or like is used for much the same
in Yupik..


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