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Re: Conlanging as a personal thing

From:Mau Rauszer <maurauser@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 18, 2003, 14:30
Sally Caves  <scaves@...> 2003.03.10. 17:47:04 -5h-kor írta:

> > >> What would "full" communicability be? > > > > > >Simple: if you can have reasonably long conversation by e-mail (or > > telephone, > > >for that matter) without having to create new words. I'm mean, if you > want > > to > > >write: "I just received your letter and found it very interesting", and > > have to > > >create five new words for that, than a language is clearly not ready for > > >communication yet.
Qer e-gwiede myáliertenna qi alawelude nyámi usfiyalah. Now I have received your letter and it seemed rather interesting. Qe.(he)r myálie.rte.nna qi nyámi u.sfiyala.(a)h. this.time A-catch*.1s.PPF letter.2s-gen.ACC and examine.3s.A.PASS.PPF rather** And I had not to make any new words. Though, interesting was also a hard bit to me, just as for Sally.
> > I would put it up at 10 000 or even higher. Rhean has over 2000 words but > I > > still don't think there's been a translation I've done for which I didn't > > have to make up a few more. > And remembering them all, of course. T has a pretty good-sized lexicon for > an invented language, but they are not in circulation. The only thing that > will make me remember all of them, and give me the communicability that I > want, is to write it, write it, and write it, the way Mao does. And about > different things. I can't think it, think it, think it, the way Paul does. > I'm still in the writing stage.
AFAIMC (As For And In My Conlang): Ngwai zeshe nyámi waban mí qen tengwai tintie won tú qeuwe huw e-qayahuwaryed. Well I can write quite clearly but now I can't think for have not so many words in my dictionary. (for example I just made the word for "dictionary", 'qayahuw' "word-book"). Lonziendi mbeyalinqienna zeshi taqe longupaessit Longweressewo wuwissienweq. I translate every poem I write in Hungarian to Long Wer to increase it. Qen mie iwu zi-rendosso huwenna wed mí tú qe tembe, won tezeshiendide mbemenyahunna ugash, gwou taqe menyahuwerye qen qi tedwie tintie zeshindián wunna, e-wedwo. Now I have more than 400 words in it but that is not all because I have not written all old basic words, which are now part of my basic vocabulary and I don't have to think while writing them, in it. Aw, umbétwenye qegwebarohemeq won Longwerayat ta andaya qi lonziad ta Ngelzaya. Oh sorry for the terrible sentence but the Long Wer one is the original and the Glish is a translation. Myáni, ngwai noye uwehuwanna imbi taqeh, huw tezeshindide taqeunna qayahuweryedwo won u lawe noywead e-noyahuwieryo ubusiad. Enge miera iwu zanwesse huwenna, qen ngwaira gée noyahuwanna. Perhaps when I will have mor than 16000 words I can stop the word-creating. -- Mau Rauser (please not confuse it with "Mao" :)) | |