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Lojban "Central" and Lojban List moving to new addresses

From:Logical Language Group <lojbab@...>
Date:Saturday, December 5, 1998, 8:02
Combining several related announcements in one message:

1. Digex is closing down as a dialup ISP.  So I had to move the Logical
Language Group account that I am now posting from.  This is a pain, because
this address is spread all over the net in people's copies of Lojban
materials, and perhaps in some Web pages.  If you want to be able to reach
us/me, please make a note of the new address - Digex will only forward for a
couple of months.

Having to make a change, we registered "" as a domain for Logical
Language Group, and have set up a business account at another provider.

The new LLG contact address is
My personal email address is

Since I read both, typos will matter little, but I will be putting priority on
reading the LLG mail for orders, etc.

2. Along with this business account we get 50 meg of web space.  The Lojban
master ftp archive is being moved to

If you have a conlang or other page linking to, you will
need to change it to the corresponding page at  This generally
applies ONLY to links to specific Lojban materials.  Links to the "Lojban
Web page" usually are links to Veijo Vilva's Lojban pages in Finland, but
wordlists and the like are often links to the "master" site that has been
on Digex.

The move of teh Web pages is still in progress, but should be done in a few days
We are not sure how well Digex will support Web page forwarding, but in any
event they will not be forwarding for more than 3 months.

The good news is that with the much larger area reserved for us, we will be addi
ng a fair amount more Lojban material in the next several months to the Web
site, especially including texts in the language.

3. Meanwhile, independently, Lojban List has been in the process of moving
to a new host because Columbia is planning to shut down their listserver.
That move is largely complete.  The new host is a commercial site, and you
can subscribe (and access archives) at, listname "Lojban".
There are a lot of conlangers who subscribe intermittently to Lojban List to
find out what is going on with the language, and posting this info to conlang
list seems like an efficient way to reach as many of you as possible.  Again,
if you have Lojban List references on a page of yours, please update to the
new information.

I am now subscribed to conlang using my new address, so this is probably my
last post here from this address.

lojbab                     ***NOTE NEW ADDRESS*** 
Bob LeChevalier, President, The Logical Language Group, Inc.
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