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web pages that may interest CONLANG people

From:Douglas P. Wilson <dpwilson@...>
Date:Friday, December 4, 1998, 9:45
I have just recently subscribed to this CONLANG mailing list, but I have
been working in this general area for many years.  I'd like to draw
to your attention a few of my web pages which you may find interesting:  -- a set of hypotheses  -- acronymic language idea       -- more on acronyms   -- from languages to what?

I am not quite ready to spell out the details of the language I've been
trying to define, and I hope those pages will explain why -- briefly,
I started with the idea of a language composed ENTIRELY of acronyms,
and this quickly became the idea of a non-arbitrary ideal language, which
led me to do more empirical research rather than invention.  But I retain
a great interest in constructed languages and see insightful invention
as one way to discover what may already exist.


Douglas P. Wilson