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Introducing another project of mine

From:Elliott Lash <al260@...>
Date:Monday, July 2, 2001, 5:06
Ok, so I've begun yet another project, this one looks promising (although, I've
said that before, and come up empty handed). It has sort of an Eastern European
feel, which I really love.

To start off, I translated a bit of a poem that I had written in March or so:

They walked the (high) road,
where nightly walk the sleeping.
They traveled the dark ways
where laughter&#8217;s seldom seen.
(Steady) through the shifting hills,
their night mares rode on.
They were wanderers in a dreamland.

prdizhláctjut ctaj z prováje,
kcut cto zirlúptic prdizhláctjak z brka&#353;íntje
vikmá&#353;ut ctom kráçljom vzhudélom,
kcut je vízhik glakhtíva  &#353;ízëglav.
ctom zhuj cvurá&#353;om  kzhú&#353;tëjom,
dju khvotjù brka&#353;ínti palçikáctjut
bi&#353;út vikmódu &#353;nje niçkóje gmargízhe

Orthography of certain consonants
r.  "syllabic r"  (written simply as CrC)
zh = /3/
c = /tS/
j =  /j/
&#353; = /S/
ç = /ts/
kh = /X/
ë = /@/

a [a]
e [E]
i [I]
o [)] (? i think, it's an open vowel)
u [U] (as in foot)

In certain positions, these vowels are altered by various phonetic rules. I'll
mention the few that I've noticed so far:

1) before /r/ [I] > /i-/ (i-barred)
example: "zirluptic" [zIrlUptItS] > /zi-rlUptItS/

2) unstressed [)] > /U/
example: "provaje" [pr)vajE] > /prUBajI/

3) medial [v] > /B/
(same example)

4) unstressed and final [E] > /I/
(same example)

5) unstressed [a] > /æ/ or /E/
example: "prdizhlactjak"
 [prdI3latStjak] > /prdi3latStjæk/

6) unstressed [a] before the accent and between unvoiced consonants, becomes /E./
(that is, unvoiced /E/
example: "brka&#353;intje" [brkaSIntjE] > /brkE.SI~ntjI/

7) and finally, [I] before nasals becomes slightly nasalized
(same example)

This is getting long enough, I'm send along the poem (in the conlang) with a
glossary right now in another email.



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