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Re: Orthographic Inferiority Complex

From:Carlos Thompson <chlewey@...>
Date:Monday, November 8, 1999, 17:17
> On Sun, 7 Nov 1999 19:59:25 -0800 Barry Garcia > <Barry_Garcia@...> writes: > > > I notice that > > >several > > >of the conscripts, I think including Chleweyish, have that circle > > with > > >the > > >downward stroke through it that resembles Greek phi. I think T. is > > very > > >derivative in its letters, but then so was Greek. <G> Chleweyish > > and > > >Teonaht have the exact same way of making that letter.
Well, just a little nitpick. Chleweyish has no script of it's own, it simply uses either Roman or Thompinian script (and I submited the Thompinian version just because I want to see Thompinian printed some where). And Thompinian uses the phi shaped glyph for <f> just because it borrowed directly from Greek. Just as other symbols where borrowed with the same or twisted values from Roman and Cyrilic, some other use some composition from previous symbols... and just a few where a-priory symbols... like <h>.