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LCC2 Relay

From:David J. Peterson <dedalvs@...>
Date:Monday, May 28, 2007, 19:50
(Crosspost, for those interested in a small relay.)

It's time for the LCC2 relay to get started!

For all those interested in participating in the LCC2 relay, here
is the relevant information:

(1) This relay will be an ordinary relay (slightly on the easy side),
following the usual Conlang relay rules, a summary of which
can be found here:

(2) Just about any language should be able to handle this relay.

(3) The relay will be unveiled live at LCC2 this summer at Berkeley.
Participants in attendance will be asked to introduce their leg of
the relay, and (if they're willing) read their translation aloud.  (If
you're terribly shy, you don't have to; don't let that dissuade you
from participating.)

(4) The relay is first-come first-served, with preference given to
those who'll be attending the LCC.  It'll take as many participants
as I can fit in before the LCC in July.

(5) If you'd like to join, please do the following:

(a) Join the Google group:

(b) Send me an e-mail (with the e-mail address you'll be using for
the relay), which includes:

(i) Your name.

(ii) The name of your language.

(iii) Your language's website (if applicable).

(iv) Your availability in the month of June.

(v) Preferences (which languages you do/do not want to follow).

(vi) Whether you'll be attending the LCC.

(vii) Whether you'd be willing to talk about your translation.

(c) Be ready to start translating, because the relay will start as
soon as I've got about three participants who are ready to go.

E-mail me right away so we can get started!  The relay homepage
is here:

You can use this page to check the status of the torch.

Once a fair number of participants are signed up, I'll start the
relay.  Be sure to sign up with the Google Group, as I'll be using
that e-mail address to make announcements.

(Note: If you responded to my previous e-mail about the relay,
I have your name down.  If you could please reply again and
simply give me an update on your availability, that'd be great.)

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"No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn."

-Jim Morrison


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