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Re: LCC2 Relay

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 29, 2007, 0:14

David J. Peterson writes:
> Henrik wrote: > << > Is there a reason to not play this on the normal relay list? Just > wondering. I am a bit concerned about a possible inflation of lists. > Or is it important to have a one-time list for this particular relay? > (I admit I did not read the rules which might contain this > information.) > >> > > I'll add this information, but to reply: > > (1) Yes, this is a one-time list for a one-time thing. > > (2) I didn't want to use the Valdyas list because: > > (a) It's not my list. > > (b) We've already got a relay going on at the same time utilizing > that list. > > This will not be a new list; I'll delete it when we're done with > this relay.
Ah, now I see. It makes sense now. :-) **Henrik