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Workshops Review No.13 '04

From:Isaac Penzev <isaacp@...>
Date:Friday, April 2, 2004, 8:54
REVIEW #13 (whether you like it or not), Year 2004,
the week from Mar 26 to Apr 01, GMT+02.
NOTE: The names of [persons] while mentioned first, are given in
square brackets, those of ~conlangs~ -- in tildes.

- 1 msg: [Nathaniel] wrote:
<<I'm thinking of designing an African conlang based on Hausa, Amharic,
Swahili and Yoruba>>, and he needs help in finding resourses.

- 3 msg: a mini-Celto-moot of our conlangers is planned in Montreal on
May 27-29 (there will be a North American Association of Celtic Language
Teachers "NAACLT" conference there those days).

East Asian Conlangs:
- 4 msg: [Viktor Orenji]'s "aesthetic languages", his new project
~Jasminese~ may be found here:


- 1 msg: [Jussi Santeri Junttila] joins the group and gives some info on
PIE reconstructed paradigms.

- 16 msg:
- some more Ladino questions;
- a strange Sociolinguistic questionnaire;
- a new word in ~Carrajena~ [Adam Walker] - a lesson in C-a etymology;
- fate of VL /E/, /O/ and geminated /r/ in ~Ajami~ [Isaac Penzev]; how
we spell it with Arabic script;
- [Daniel Prohaska] pre-announces his newly started project

- 6 msg:
- sad news: "In memoriam of Libor Sztemon";
- anonymous author promotes his simplified Slavic language ~Proslava~;
- recent updates in ~Nashian~ [Jan II], and, as he wrote, <<some more
blah-blah on development of script and orthography of Nashian>> at

Still I would ask you guys to give at least some comment on [Robert
Jung]'s ~Kosi~! It may be found at

West Asian Conlangs:
- 9 msg:
- homonyms in ~Carrajena~ [Adam Walker];
- [Benct Philip Jonsson]'s ~Raamaniyaan~: some changes in the GMP; a
word for 'baby'.
CHAT: - Turks and Kurds.

That's all for now,
Peace and grace upon you all,
    -- Isaac Penzev (aka Yitzik)


PS: I'm reachable in this List (in a Digest mode) and in any of the
workshops listed above, or privately at (substitute #
with @).

-- Yitzik


Benct Philip Jonsson <bpj@...>