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Spell Checking for Conlangs

From:John Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Friday, April 2, 2004, 7:43
In a message dated 3/30/04 3:58:44 AM Pacific Standard Time,
christopher.bates@NTLWORLD.COM writes:

<< Has anyone considered making a spell checking dictionary for one of
 their conlangs? >>
Not being a serious computer programmer, I have considered doing this in a
very non-subtle way. There is a spellchecker attached to the e-mail system I use
in submitting to this list which has "learn" as an option--that is, any time
it does not recognize a word, I can instruct it to learn the word and
thereafter it will accept it. I have considered running it on every submission I make
in a conlang to this list, so that eventually it would build up a vocabulary
of words in my conlangs, and it could check for them. I would like that, as my
conlanging is often done late at night and in haste, and errors are too common.
The objection is that I would have to individually instruct it to learn every
conlang word
as it came to the word, which would be tedious. Obviously, a system which
could simply be instructed to check an entire previously compiled dictionary
would be preferable.
John Leland


Iain E. Davis <feaelin@...>