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Re: Non-linear full-2d writing (again)

From:Sai Emrys <sai@...>
Date:Tuesday, January 31, 2006, 18:56
... oh, and I'd also disagree with the assumption that all symbols
need be all the same size, too. :-P

In fact, I think it'd be a terrible idea.

 - Sai

On 1/31/06, Sai Emrys <sai@...> wrote:
> Yikes. So this is what happens when I don't pay attention for a couple days. > > I'll come back & respond later, but in short - IMO Jefferson had > possibly interesting ideas (and I have no objection at all to theory > discussions, mathematical in origin or not), but I think basically > misunderstood what I was trying to do. > > He may well have been right for systems where all symbols are > structurally identical and arranged in a grid or equivalent fashion > (something more within the usual domain of 'space-filling' as he > described it), but that's not something you can or should assume for > language. After all, symbols can be directional, can have 'nodes' to > which other symbols connect (and would prevent false connections > between peripheral symbols, since they're not mutually compatible), > and can have long-range connection by various means. > > Over-constraining the problem is excellent for math, but leads to a > bit of 'possibility blindness' for other systems. :-/ > > I think it would be useful to point to (what I think is his) Glyphica > Arcana as an example of the sort of system he was probably envisioning > - one related to but differing in some fundamental ways from what I am > trying to get at. Not that I have anything against it of course - as > I've said multiple times, I claim no dominion over the idea of > nonlinear writing - just that IMO *this* particular thread is about > /my/ version of it. If that assumption isn't being shared, then I > think we have a setup for some major misunderstandings. > > - Sai >