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Re: Non-linear full-2d writing (again)

From:Jefferson Wilson <jeffwilson63@...>
Date:Sunday, January 29, 2006, 18:18
Paul Bennett wrote:

> a writing system where any number > of branches may be possible for some given grapheme.
Impossible. If nothing else you run across limits in your medium. Even if it weren't impossible I don't feel this is a desired goal since it would complicate comprehension to no apparent benefit.
> I don't know where > this space-filling stuff came from, to be honest. I rather feel it may > be some form of boojum.
In space filling systems information is contained in the tokens (shapes) themselves. Since you appear to be defining connections separately from tokens the design does not need to be space-filling. However, since connections are encoded separately from tokens as your connections increase so does the average significant distance between tokens, and the time required to use those connections. -- Jefferson