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Re: Vocabulary building

From:Irina Rempt <ira@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 2, 2001, 21:08
On Tue, 20 Mar 2001, Roger Mills wrote:

> >From another (ahem, serious) list, I received the following inquiry, which > might be of conlang interest, too, as it covers areas of vocabulary often > overlooked. Obviously if your conpeople are not anthropoid, some entries > may not apply (as "earlobe" DNA in Kash). As will be noted, Kash vocab. > doesn't yet cover everything, and I don't have time to go thru the process > whiile doing email. For some of these there would presumably be purely > medical terms as well as popular.
The Valdyan vocabulary doesn't cover everything either; I'm only doing those I have at the moment.
> List One: Minor Body Parts (VALDYAN) > concept: anus > form: gul > literal gloss: bottom (of an object)
> concept: ankle
Should exist, but I've mislaid it.
> concept: bone > form: gorsen (usually in the collective plural: gorsin "skeleton") > literal gloss: bone(s)
> concept: blood > form: grin > literal gloss: blood > > concept: breast milk > form: novei bryth > literal gloss: breast-of milk > > concept: menstrual blood > form: lauyin; grinyin > literal gloss: moon-things (menstruation); drops-of-blood > > concept: semen/sperm > form: garin > literal gloss: seed > > concept: tears > form: lysin > literal gloss: tears > > concept: urine > form: dush > literal gloss: urine
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