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Vocabulary building

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Tuesday, March 20, 2001, 17:50
From another (ahem, serious) list, I received the following inquiry, which
might be of conlang interest, too, as it covers areas of vocabulary often
overlooked.  Obviously if your conpeople are not anthropoid, some entries
may not apply (as "earlobe" DNA in Kash).  As will be noted, Kash vocab.
doesn't yet cover everything, and I don't have time to go thru the process
whiile doing email.  For some of these there would presumably be purely
medical terms as well as popular.

"...a typological study of
the way in which terms for minor body [parts]  and bodily effluvia are
expanding on the work done by David Wilkins (1996) in similar semantic
domains.  I am especially interested in which terms have a monomorphemic or
literal gloss and which are multimorphemic and/or figurative."

List One:  Minor Body Parts  (KASH)
concept: anus
form:  pacelum (tech.term; no doubt vulgarisms based on paci 'hole')
literal gloss: compd. of paci 'hole' and shelum 'behind'

concept: ankle
literal gloss:

concept: bellybutton
literal gloss:

concept: bone
form:  trako
literal gloss: monomorphemic

concept: bruise
literal gloss:

concept: earlobe
form: DNA
literal gloss:.  ear: shikun; also compd. ekacikun 'leaf of the

concept: gall bladder
literal gloss:

concept: knee (cap)
form:  ricañ
literal gloss:  knee (the whole thing; no specific word yet for kneecap)

concept: knuckle
literal gloss:

concept: muscle
form: randik
literal gloss: mono.

concept: finger/toe nail
form: ??? possibly kanak
literal gloss: claw

concept: nipple
form: of male: mumuso; of fem. ambuso
literal gloss: derivs. of muso 'breast'

concept: nostril
form:   pacimak
literal gloss: compd. paci 'hole' and imak 'nose'

concept: pupil
literal gloss:

concept: skin
form: hendo
literal gloss:  mono.

concept: wrist
literal gloss:

List Two:  Bodily Effluvia
concept: afterbirth
literal gloss:

concept: bile
literal gloss:

concept: blood
form:  luhu
literal gloss:  mono.

concept: breast milk
literal gloss:

concept: drool
literal gloss:

concept: earwax
form:  possibly neshikun (tech.?)
literal gloss: compd. neyak 'excrement', shikun 'ear'

concept: eye “sand” or “sleep”
literal gloss:

concept: fart
form:  fup (colloq.)
literal gloss:  mono.  Related to fufu (vul.) 'shit'

concept: feces
form:  1. neyak   2. fufu
literal gloss: 1. excrement 2. shit (vul.)

concept: menstrual blood
literal gloss:

concept: nasal mucus (“snot”)
form:  perhaps neshimak, maybe vul. fufimak or fumak
literal gloss:  mono. but irreg. < neyak/fufu  'excrement/shit' and imak

concept: nasal blood
form:  probably just: luhu imak
literal gloss:  blood (of) nose

concept: naval peelings (“bellybutton lint”)
form:  (I'm not sure this would afflict the Kash)
literal gloss:

concept: pus
literal gloss:

concept: saliva
form:  perhaps sucimas (tech.)
literal gloss:  compd. sawu 'water' and cimas

concept: semen/sperm
literal gloss:

concept: sweat
form:  suwenik
literal gloss: now mono., but ult. < sawu 'water' and eningar 'the body'

concept: tears
form:  leña
literal gloss: mono.

concept: urine
form:  mishi
literal gloss:  mono.

concept: vomit
form:  yushak (vb.); añushak (n.)
literal gloss: mono.

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