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Kash naming (was Re: Senyecan honorifics)

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Saturday, October 16, 2004, 23:50
I neglected to say how they're used, nor do I know what the terms are called
in Kash-- probably something to do with _pinal_ 'to count'...

> Naming children of the hereditary nobility: > First child: mesa > Second child: rona > Third child: sina > 4th and later children: prana
Given name - "counter" - Family/Estate name. A mesa is usually named for the most recently deceased direct ancestor, never for a living parent or grandparent. Subsequent children, likewise. So: Amaken karungavatu (a man, as it happens) is the hereditary ruler (karun) of Kavatu, one of the 5 states that make up the federation on Australia-size Yanatros island. Kavatu was not originally a family name; it was the town/area on the main continent Hanjomim, from which the first "conquistador" came (2000+ years ago) and laid claim to a portion of the island. He was probably some minor noble's 2nd or 3rd son who decided it was pointless to hang around in an area where titles and land ownership were already long established. The actual family name is known, but hasn't been used for a very long time. Anyhow, the karun's first child (a son) is Kanget mesa Kavatu, already in his 40s, married with children, so the succession is assured. Close friends and family call him Kanget; servants and govt. figures with whom he works/trains call him "mesa"; the local media call him "mesa Kavatu" or "e mesa". The second child is Shenji rona Kavatu, who joined the Galactic Union Service and is, believe it or not, here on Earth as an Emissary/first contact(1) :-)) When his busy schedule permits, he shares information about his home planet and language with me.....At the time he left Cindu for training, the mesa was married but without children (thus the rona was next in line if the mesa died), but since it was uncertain when, or even if, he would ever return to Cindu, he had to abandon his right of succession (though not his title "rona" nor his right to income [paltry] from the family trust); succession thus passed to his sister-- Andel sina Kavatu, of whom we last heard that she is happily partnered with two girl-friends and all are prominent in artistic circles... If the karun had had more children, they would have been ...prana Kavatu. Prana's, sorry to say, don't get much respect; their share of trust income is likely to be insignificant; but the upside is that they are relatively unconstrained as to behavior, and the wealthy, the nouveaux-riches and commoners alike consider it a coup if they can snag one as a lover or spouse. Still, they often end up in downwardly mobile situations.... ------------------- (1) He has been granted official status as an Ambassador to the U.N., and is properly called Mr. Ambassador, or Mr. Emissary; popularly he is referred to as The Emissary(a). In direct address, once formalities are dispensed with, he prefers "(the) rona"; those of us who work with him call him Shenji...... ---------- (a) Certain extremist religious groups, who hold that he is most likely an emissary of Satan, if not merely a human hoax in a Hollywood costume, use less dignified terms.