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Re: Help Weird Up My Orthography

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Monday, August 22, 2005, 11:11

Shreyas Sampat <ssampat@...> writes:
> It's been a long time since I conlanged seriously, but with the > revival of the fiction anthology I'm using Seinundjé for (y'know, > Tolkien-style, to add setting colour), I've been wanting to, like, > make it better. ...
Hi Shreyas, welcome back! :-)
> And now, I'm getting humg up on my Latin orthography, > because, well, it's not very exciting. Sein' doesn't have an > especially exotic phonology, which makes it pretty easy to come up > with an uncomplicated spelling for it...the problem lies in walking > the line between something too easy and something that even I can't > read.
:-) My current project S11 also uses Latin orthography -- it might even be kept as it is since I especially like the assignment of graphemes to vowels: <a e i o u ä ë ï ö ü> /A e i o u & 7 M 2 y/ Consonants are much uglier and require Unicode. I'm also currently not very productive wrt. to neographies.
> The phoneme inventory is this: > Consonant: > p b t d t` d` k g > f v T D s z S Z s` z` h G > m n_0 n n` N > r l` > w y
s, S, s` are funny. :-) And m, n_0, n, n`, N. <j> for retroflex seems weird to me, but maybe I just need to think French [Z] instead of German [j], then its clearer.
>... > Finally, some affixes cause metathesis, like the nominaliser -n; > these are marked with an apostrophe between the parts that exchanged > position (kúdh-n > kún'dh).
Metathesis is cool! :-) The sandhi of S11 (which are not finished yet) use a lot of metathesis, too, to enforce the languages sonority constraints.
>... > This generates some very pretty texts[1], but it just isn't that > interesting to me... how can I, um, weird it up?
Hmm. How about introducing complex, irregular sandhi? And dont insert helping apostrophes or dashes. :-)
> [1] > Nédhhiul, methne kirikkíssne lésesen: O mists, that you would clear! > Hujhul-Kún'dh-mí-Harástechhó: Tangled Root of Heroism
Looks nice and I think it sounds good, if I pronounce it correctly (although I'm bad at gemination together with vowel length, so /kirik:i:s:ne/ is a bit difficult). How does stress work? Looks nice to me. I'm curious about the grammar. **Henrik


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