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OT: Preparing for Winter-een-mas

From:Arthaey Angosii <arthaey@...>
Date:Friday, January 13, 2006, 22:33
In preparation for Winter-een-mas <>, I
figured I should have a way to say it in Asha'ille. The Cresaeans have
no concept of Winter-een-mas, of course, but that doesn't mean their
language can't support the concept. :)

I decided to calque the word, rather than translate portions of 3
Cresaean festivals. Winter-een-mas is, after all, a Terran gamers'
holiday and not a Cresaean one.

So, from |fivash| 'winter,' |kuna| 'night,' and |ejheneme| 'party,
enjoyable gathering':

[ˌfivɑʃ kwɑ ˈɛʒnɛm] (IPA)
[,fivAS kwA 'EZnEm] (CXS)

Incidentally, this is the first instance of [w] in the Asha'ille
corpus. Normally, consecutive vowels cannot exist -- either [?] or [j]
must separate them. But that's the rule for a regular word. |Kua| is a
contraction of |kuna|, and I figure it's not unheard of for
contractions to break phonotactics a little. Thus, |kua| is [kwA].

Anyone else feel moved by the spirit of Winter-een-mas? :)



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